The best thing that I ever did was register for a Photography 101 class at my university. I knew I liked photography, and had even been given a professional film SLR camera while I was in high school. But the various forms of AUTO were my only hope for not absolutely wasting rolls upon rolls of film. I was a sophomore in college with a semester of required courses ahead of me, all of which I was dreading taking. However, I had the need for an art credit in my degree plan. So I pulled the trigger, signed up for the only course I could get excited about, and purchased my first digital camera. 

Aperture. Shutter Speed. ISO. Kelvin. Exposure. Rule of Thirds. Motion Blur. 

All of these words that I had (maybe) heard beforehand finally made sense to me. The best thing I ever learned was to completely use my camera in manual mode (oh the joys of having TOTAL control over the image you are trying to make!). It was revolutionary. And I would encourage each and every person that wants to pursue photography to truly take the time to learn the basics of exposure and composition. And after that, make the commitment to never stop learning

We aim to answer any questions that are emailed to us, and are always open to a coffee date when our schedules permit. We also encourage you to check out some of our favorite educational resources listed below. We have found we get the most out of photography education when we aim to balance free resources such as Webinars, blogs, and communities with worthwhile educational investments, i,e. workshops, books, and online resources. Another thing to always keep in mind: it is just as important to invest in your business education as it is in your photography.