We are Becki and Ryan (Spartan and Aggie), a Husband & Wife team based in Houston, Texas. We love coffee, dogs (especially our two rescue pups), the Houston Rockets, DIY Projects, Calligraphy, getting new stamps on our passports, and local breweries. Our business is built on relationships; on genuinely getting to know our brides and grooms and photographing them in a way that shows their joy, excitement, and absolute love. We call this Creative Non-Fiction Photography, and we would love to tell you more about it over a  cup of coffee.



 is an adventurer at heart. She is your photographer, the creative and the dreamer in the Smith House. She will be with you every step of the way from your initial inquiry to the final delivery of your photos. 


/ Spends way too much time wrapping gifts to make them look unnecessarily awesome.

/ Has 3+ espresso-based drinks per day.

/ Climbs into weird places to get a better angle for a photograph.

/ Drives friends to the airport.

/ Tries to convince Ryan that they absolutely can have more dogs.



is the rock. He is the writer and the realist in the Smith House. He works hard behind the scenes and has unbelievable talent at veil throwing and train fluffing.


/ Builds new furniture for the house. (Because store-bought is lame, right?)

/ Watches movies that no one else would ever think are good.

/ Orders black coffee.

/ Shows off his dance moves to get a laugh out of brides and grooms.

/ Enjoys great, local beer while cheering for the Houston Rockets.



is a rebel. She plays by her own rules (right up until bedtime.) She has a master's degree in snuggling and is loyal to a fault with all her friends and family. 


/ Sneaks into the cookie jar. 

/ Plays with dinosaurs (because she is part dinosaur: Miley Soarus).

/ Sleeps through the alarm clock.



is a best friend to all. Everyone turns to look when he walks into a room, but doesn't let it go to his head. He holds the unofficial record for "Dog Who Gets Pet the Most" on the Barnaby's Patio.


/ Barks at the mailman, just to remind him that he is there.

/ Gets lost in a daydream while looking out the window. 

/ Misses dinnertime because he is too busy playing.